Controlling Dust with Wood Shutters Instead of Curtains

I had curtains in my room growing up. I had asthma too. I also had seasonal allergies. My mom would come in my room, pull the cord to open the curtains, and I would start sneezing my head off. Sometimes I would have an asthma attack. I had to leave the house when she vacuumed the carpets, and we had a really clean house. I still have the allergies, and my wife and I got Orange County Blinds for our house. We reduced the amount of fabrics in our house to keep the dust down.

It was tough finding window treatments that were easy to clean and did not hold the dust like drapes or sheers. We did not want swags or valances either. The Orange County Blinds we got are made out of wood and are permanently installed. They are great for controlling light and privacy. I like it that we can wipe the dust off of them, and they do not release dust in the air when you open them. Plus, they look really nice from inside and outside our home.

We were able to customize the look of our wood shutters down to every detail including the hardware used to install them. We found the perfect look to match our brick home and interior decor. Since they are wood, matching colors of decor is not a problem. My main offending allergen is dust. It is impossible to get rid of it all. You can keep ahead of it, but it is fabrics that really get the dust flying. Anytime you move curtains or walk across carpeting, you are letting dust into the air. Our hardwood floors and Orange County Blinds wood shutters help me to breathe a whole lot easier, especially during the peak of allergy season when the pollen gets to me too.