It Shall Take a Few More Weeks to Finish This Place

Of course when you start one of these projects it is always going to be less than ideal, but I have to admit that this project worked out a lot better than I expect. Marshall found the place and he did most of the math, figuring out what it would cost to fix the place so that we could turn a profit on it. Of course we have been crashing out here in the meanwhile, which has taken about three months. What remains is mostly the less difficult things, like we need to take the plantation shutters down, replace some of them and repair the others. I do not know why, but they are a real mess. It looks as though some unskilled person removed them and messed them up, probably painting them an ugly color in the process. Whatever happened it has to be fixed, you just can not have something like that which can be noticed from the moment that you first look at the house.

A set of shutters is nothing however, at least it is not a serious thing for me or any one that knows anything about it. Obviously the last person who worked on these shutters probably should have left them alone, but we have done a lot more difficult things. The lucky thing is that nearly all of the money we sunk into the place was anticipated. As always a couple of things came up that were unexpected, but it was all stuff that could be fixed without becoming too pricey. We really have a rather simple task remaining, to make the place look nice for the potential buyers. I have been trying to figure out the landscaping plan, which is going to be pretty simple and large rely upon liberating some of my Mom's liriope.