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When getting your yard all set up, you might wonder about how much seating you actually need. After all, there will be times when you’ll have guests over, but the majority of the time it will only be a few people. Keep the following things in mind when purchasing new seating for your yard or patio.

How Often You Entertain

Do you have people over often? If you do, more seating will be necessary. This is because the more you entertain friends and family, the better chance you have of running out of seating for everyone. Houses that entertain often also tend to welcome larger groups on occasion, which is where the threat of running out of seating comes from.

Size of Your Family

Make sure that you have at least one seat for every member of your family. You’ll then want to purchase some additional seating on top of that. Keep in mind that the additional seating doesn’t have to match what you already have. You could always go the environmentally friendly route and buy some upcycled outdoor chairs when you need some extra seats.

Your Budget

Since the amount of available seating won’t make or break your yard, don’t spend too much on it. You could always ask guests to bring their own chairs if you plan on having a larger gathering. Set a budget and stick to it for the best results.