Windows Can Blow in Your House

I was speaking with my mom about the storm that we had a few weeks ago. We finally had a chance to talk, but it was a while because we were still cleaning up our yard from all of the leaves and trees that came down. I have been living here for twelve years, and I have never seen such a bad storm that left such bad destruction in the path of my area. We were looking for plantation shutters that would be able to protect our very large windows for the next storm. My mom had shutters on her windows and she did not have any problems with the wind or her windows that were covered. We, on the other hand, had all of our windows blow into our house and almost cut up our dogs that were sitting by the window when the wind came and blew in the windows.

My family said that we were lucky that our dogs were not hurt. We have two labs that are our whole lives and I know that we would not recover if they were hurt because we failed to protect them from flying glass. Having a lot of glass on the floor is not good for your hardwood floors, either. It was really hard to walk around and not step on little shards of glass that would actually dig into the wood floors. I was sad to learn that there were no easier ways to clean up the mess. There were a lot of people helping me get all of the glass into the trash and I was grateful for their help, but it was still devastating. I am going to have to pay someone to refinish all of my hard wood floors and I know that it will not be cheap.